… Boogie Babe …


Having created many a beach page over the years I was looking for something different and something that was QUICK – I just needed a ‘creative‘ fix after a full on weekend.

Alas – in my box of tricks I came across sequins (haha – those that know me know that sequins are not far away and quiet often not only in their boxes but down the sides of my lounge suite from endless hours of costume making). OOOps sorry I got carried away!!   So I decided to add a little sparkle to this page.

Actually, I don’t know if it was sparkle I was after or the fact that I LOVE, LOVE playing with the NEW Stix2 Pick Up Pencil!Image

Every chance I get of late I’m finding an excuse to trial this nifty little tool.  At first I questioned whether it was a gimmick but soon that question was answered – NO!  It’s no gimmick it’s a tool to be had.

Not only does it pick up Gems, Rhinestones, Sequins, Beads, Pins and small shiny objects – it also picks up Wobbly Eyes and small pieces of Cardstock (yep perfect for my Punch Art creations and those small little eyes that need to be perfectly and effortlessly placed).


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