The Wonders (& uses) of Silicone Adhesive

To me, Silicone Adhesive in craft was used mostly for Paper Tole.  Well I suppose we only see things for the uses that we use them for – true???  I got to thinking the other day when I saw a current stock sheet and was amazed to see the stock that was available for this product.

Hmmm, I thought!  What other craft could we use this Product for???  So I did what I seem to do a lot of lately, visited my ‘new’ BFF – ‘GOOGLE’ and started searching Crafts and Silicone.  Would you like to know what I learnt????

Firstly, as I’m sure you all know, Silicone sealants are most commonly used for industrial applications like automotive work. However, the increased flexibility of silicone sealants also makes them ideal for a variety of craft purposes. Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) sealants are fast-drying sealants that hold their shape shortly after contact with the air. The texture and adhesive properties of the sealants lend the product to a range of craft uses. WOW!

Jewellery Making

Unlike other types of glues,  silicone adhesive is not brittle once it has dried. Silicone sealant is also waterproof and retains significant flexbility after it has dried, making it an ideal medium for jewellery projects.

The adhesive properties of the silicone adhesive makes it suitable for simple jewelry crafts that include gluing beads or buttons to earring backs or pendant jewellery!  Once reading this I raced off to my jewellery box and sure enough found an earing or dozen which had been glued using silicone adhesive.

As silicone adhesive also dries relatively clear it can be used to create mock resin pieces for use as pendant jewellery; glue the image or object you’d like to preserve to a pendant backing, and apply a thin layer of silicone adhesive over the entire piece to seal the item and add a three-dimensional effect. Custom jewellery like bracelets is also an option.

Mosaic Projects

Silicone sealant works as an adhesive on a variety of surfaces, including ceramic, plastic, wood and glass.  A silicone adhesive is as effective as a tile cement when creating a ceramic or glass mosaic. Silicone adhesives are particularly useful for glass projects because they are significantly more transparent than many other glues or traditional mosaic cements. Apparently, you should opt for silicone adhesives when working with glass beads to avoid added cloudiness in the final piece. As silicone sealant is a fast-drying adhesive, apply pieces one or two at a time so that the sealant won’t dry before you can attach your tile or bead.

So, having found  projects that also utilise Silicone Adhesive, I think I might have to pull out my tube or two and have a play -maybe making a beaded bracelet for my girls.

Let’s see where my adventure with Stix2 Silicone Adhesive leads!  Stay tuned or visit to order your Silicone Adhesive and let’s see what you can come up with.


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