Cheers to You my Man!

I just went through my large box of cards searching for a Card for a man – to my horror I found a few ‘boys’ cards but nothing really suitable for the ‘Gents’ in our lives.

Hmmm, I couldn’t be bothered trudging up to the local Newsagent to trawl through the expensive cards available – so I thought, given that I have a few minutes to spare I could throw something very basic together.  Basic it maybe – but it is handmade so it does have the sentiment of caring!

As I said, I wanted something quick and easy – so this was perfect – however I did need a little drying time for one element but hey … that all occurred whilst I went on with another activity!

  To make this card you will require the following materials & cardstocks :


  • Dark Brown Cardstock 11cm x 15.5cm (then  folded in half)
  • Pattern piece of paper 14.5cm x 7cm
  • Ribbon 8cm x 1 cm
  • White Cardstock 6.5cm x 4.25cm
  • Camel Cardstock (contrast colour) 7.5cm x 5.25cm
  • Stix2 Anything Shiny Transfer Foil
  • Stix2 Anything PVA Glue (Ph Neutral) Acid Free
  • Stix2 Anything 6mm Double Sided Tape
  • Stix2 Anything Crafting Sheet
  • Stix2 Anything Foam Squares 5mm x 5mm x 2mm thick
  • TShirt Puff Paint (purchase from any Art/Craft Supplier)
  • Heating Tool or Hair Dryer

Firstly stamp your image onto the white cardstock – in this instance I used the Stamp’n Up – ‘Cheers to You’ stamp set.  Then using the PVA Glue I lightly spread glue inside the the image of the beer glass and handle.  NOW leave this to dry!  The PVA needs to be given time to dry clear – once dry it will have a ‘tacky’ feel.  You can place your work under a lamp to aid with drying BUT please DON’T use a heat tool as it will cause the glue to bubble and ruin the finished effect.

To give the ‘Beer’ a liquid appearance I used the Shiny Transfer Foils.  Once your  PVA glue has dried place your Foil over the image with the ‘Silver’ side touching the image.

Now rub over the surface firmly with your finger making sure that the whole ‘glued’ area has been firmly pressed with the Foil.

Peel the Foil away from your image and you have your finished appearance.  If there is a spot that you have missed, you can place the Foil back over and rub!

Next I used Puffy T Shirt Paint and lightly applied paint to the ‘frothy’ area of the image.  Now Puffy Paint DOES need to be heated!  So I placed this image on my Crafting Sheet (as it’s heat resistant and I don’t want to damage my polished table) and then applied my heat tool to the Puffy Paint.  As the paint dries it bubbles and puffs up.  The degree of ‘Puff’ is determined by the thickness of paint applied and the amount of heat applied.

  Once the image is completed I started to build my card.

  Attach 5 Foam Squares 5mm x 5mm x 2mm to the back of my image and then placed on my Camel (contrast) Cardstock. Then I positioned the ribbon strip around the pattern paper using Double Sided tape.  Attach the Pattern Paper evenly positioned to the front left side of your card (dark brown cardstock) using Double Sided Tape and smooth in place.

Now attach your image, again using Double Sided Tape so it is positioned evenly on your card.

Such a quick and easy card which any Guy would be pleased to receive!

Note – Shiny Transfer Foils will only work with Ph Neutral PVA (not general PVA).  It can also be adhered to Ultra Clear tape, Double Sided tape, Clear Craft dots & Foam Craft Squares.

Visit our facebook page for more demonstrations this week on uses for Shiny Transfer Foils.


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