Design Team Inspiration – Silicone Adhesive Christmas Bauble Tutorial

Hello Crafters,

I am so happy to be here sharing with you all today! Christmas is not far away and here is an easy decoration you can make!

While shopping at my local dollar store I came across a Christmas bauble that is designed to put a photo in. As I looked at it I thought that it would be great decorated instead! So of course I bought it and toddled off home and got creative!

Here is what I did…

To start with I gathered together some supplies:

Stix2 Non Stick Crafting Sheet

Stix2 Silicone Adhesive

Stix2 Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter – Red

an old paintbrush

Christmas bauble as described above

large sticky note

craft tray


Step 1: Lay out your Non Stick Crafting Sheet on your work surface. Squeeze some Silicone Adhesive onto the craft sheet.  Using the old paintbrush coat the inside of one half of the bauble with Silicone Adhesive.

To make sure that you have covered all of the inside turn the bauble over and look from that side.

Step 2: Using  the vial of red Mini Glitz coat the inside of the bauble evenly. Pour excess into craft tray so that it can be returned to the vial.

Step 3: Cover the outside of the bauble with Silicone Adhesive.

Step 4: Pour the red Fine Glitter over the bauble catching the excess in the craft tray. Continue until the whole piece is covered.

Step 5: Set this piece aside to dry. I left it overnight just to be sure!

Step 6: While the first half of the bauble is drying we can work on the second half. Cut a star or any other shape that you would like into the middle of the large sticky note. Position this on the middle of the bauble.

Step 7: Using your finger fill the inside of the shape with Silicone Adhesive.

Step 8: After removing the sticky note, Pour the red Seed beads over the shape and gently press into the silicone. Leave aside to dry with the other piece overnight.

Step 9:  We are just about finished! The 2 halves of the bauble can be put back together now. I also ran a line of gold paint around the star shape to emphasise it further. It is now ready to be hung on your tree!


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! I really enjoyed putting it together for you!  You can find the Stix2 Silicone Adhesive in store HERE, the Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter HERE and the Non Stick Crafting Sheet in store HERE.

Enjoy your weekend – hope you get crafty!


2 thoughts on “Design Team Inspiration – Silicone Adhesive Christmas Bauble Tutorial

  1. Hi Bek, Katherine purchased the Baubel from her local Reject Shop in Melton (Vic). They are part of a new range so I’m assuming all (if not most) other stores will currently stock them. Thanks for enjoying katherine’s fabulous flair 🙂

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