Introducing….. Design Team Members 2, 3, 4 & and 5!

So you have all recently become acquainted with our Design Team Member – Katherine Prefol and WOW … isn’t she a bundle of talent!  Well it’s now time for you to become acquainted with our Design Team Members 2, 3, 4 & 5!!

Introducing ….. Design Team Member 2 (Aka Amanda Munday!)  Amanda is a Mum to three very active little peeps who love their Rural life!  This is Amanda’s first time as being a Design Team Member and we are so excited to showcase her work.  Amanda has been Scrapbooking and making Cards for nearly 8 years and has been an Independant Stamp’n Up Consultant for several years.  Amanda’s designs have been published in Scrapbook Memories and Stamp’n Up Catalogues.  I am sure you will all find inspiration from her design.


Introducing ….. Design Team Member 3 (Aka Rikki Graziani!)

Rikki has been scrapbooking for over 12 years but really got into it after her first son was born in 2002 – she is now Mum to 3 children ages 2 through to 9! In Rikki’s words she has been ‘madly obsessed by scrapbooking for almost half of my life. I never thought that a hobby that I took up as a teenager would still be fulfulling as an adult’  2011 marked Rikki’s first offer of a place on a design team (LSS), and she felt very blessed to be able to share the love of this craft will all the great people she’s met. Scrapping has become not just a community but almost a sisterhood – a way to share and bond.

Rikki’s style is an ever changing one, and she is naturally arty and  likes to try a number of different styles and techniques, she doesn’t have a particular style, she scraps nearly every photo that she has!

In April 2011 she started a blog of some of her work and currently is on her local scrap shops design team ‘Made with Memories’.  Rikkis recently had design published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 14 No9 as a ‘Newbie’, also in the Father’s Day issue and will be having more layouts published in up and coming issues.  Her creations have also been published in Scrapbooking Creations, Issue 94 & 95 with more coming in this publications.

Rikki loves doing Design Team work as it has pushed her to create and learn different techniques – this is what she now wants to show and challenge our readers to do!


Introducing ….. Design Team Member 4 (Aka Tania Barry!)  Tania has been Scrapbooking since 2005 and admits to being an ‘Adhesives Junkie’ – just what we love at Stix2 Anything!  In all seriousness though, Tania is currently the Challenge Coordinator for Scrappit, an online Scrapbooking Store.  Her role is to set a monthly challenge, something that will inspire people and have them thinking creatively.  In addition to her creative flare, Tania in her professional life is a Librarian and has a substantial amount of experience in Marketing and Social Media.


Introducing ….. Design Team Member 5 (Aka Jennifer Hodge!)

 Jennifer is a single Mum off three 2 ‘typical’ boys and 1 gorgeous girl.  She has been stamping and scrapbooking in some form or another for over 20years!  Jennifer loves to create, and inspire others, sharing her craft through her blog, facebook, industry magazines, shows, design teams, and teaching from her studio on the Gold Coast. She relishes the challenge of Off The Page projects, love the story and emotion behind layouts and cannot resist making cards and ATC’s (artist trading cards).  Confessing that she becomes easily bored her projects tend to vary wildly in style and colour, and she loves that this means she can constantly try new things.  Being a member of our Card Design Team is very fitting for Jennifer as she has been a customer of Stix2   since first meeting us at our first show in Melbourne at Paperific! We can’t wait to see the number of techniques and styles she will be able to share with you all.

Here are a sample of Jennifer’s projects – we can’t wait to see her Stix2 projects!



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