A little Christmas Inspirational

Well I hope you are all slowly getting into the Christmas groove and starting to gather ideas to thrill your family and friends this Season.  Arriving shortly is our range of Stardust Paper packs.  These papers come in A5 and each sheet has a subtle shimmer of glitter – just perfect for Christmas creations.  We will also be stocking the A5 Stardust Adhesive Paper which too has the subtle shimmer of glitter but has the adhesive back which is perfect for our Crafters that love using Punches.

With the Product promotion over – here is a quick project using the Stardust Paper Pack and our Stencil Tape (ala faux Washi!)

You Will Require :

* Stix2 Tape Runner                                                           * Stix2 Double Sided Tape

* Stix2 Non Stick Crafting Sheet                                      * Stix2 Clear Craft Dots 6mm & 10mm

* Stix2 Stardust Paper or similar decorative paper     * Stix2 Shiny Transfer Foils

* White 6″x4″ Card                                                             * Patterned Cardstock & Plain Cardstock

* Twine or Ribbon                                                               * Ink Pad, Blending Pad and Sentiment Stamp

* Xmas Embossing Folder                                                 * Decorative Die or Punches (two sizes)

Let’s Get Started!

Firstly using our Stardust Paper (non adhesive) I cut out 7 Die Cut circles in my to chosen colours.  I then folded them each in half and scored with a boning tool for a defined fold.


From there I then placed a strip of tape runner onto the outer side of the shape and adhered the next piece and continued until each piece is in place and you have a nice full ‘half’ baubel.


The next step is to form the background for the card.  I placed a patterned piece of cardstock on the front of my card.  From there I cut a smaller piece of black cardstock and embossed through the Cuttlebug.

Working with the black embossed Cardstock I then formed the Baubel’s as follows :

Cut two pieces of decorative twine or ribbon to ‘hang’ the baubel.

Place 2 Clear Hobby Dots over the top of the twin or ribbon to hold in place and then place GOLD Shiny Transfer Foil over the Clear Dots to give a ‘metal’ effect.

Position the ‘formed’ Baubels at the base of the GOLD embellishments and adhere Baubels in place with double sided tape.

Stretch and tuck the Twine/Ribbon over the top edge of the cardstock and adhere in place at the back.

Now adhere the decorated embossed cardstock to the main card.

So that’s the card completed, the next stage is to make your own ‘Festive’ – “Faux” Washi Tape to display your Greeting!

There are different ways to make “Faux” Washi Tape – in the past I have used the Stix2 Double Sided Adhesive Sheets (aka Jac Paper) and sheets of Tissue Paper and then inked in creative ways or downloaded a design and ran through the printer.  However, for this project I thought we would try Stix2 STENCIL TAPE and INK!

Lay a piece of  Stencil Tape on the Crafting Sheeting (slightly longer than the width of the card). Using Ink and a Blending pad, load the pad with ink and gently blend/rub pad in a circular motion over the Stencil Tape – for an even coverage, I always ensure that I start the circular motion on my Crafting Sheet and move onto the STENCIL TAPE.  This will avoid any dark inked edges!  You will need to do this process a few times to ensure an even coverage over the tape.

Next in a contrasting Ink, stamp your Greeting / Sentiment as desired.  Allow Inks to dry as it does take a short time for some brands of ink to dry on the Stencil Tape.

Lift the Stencil Tape from the Crafting Sheet and place on your card and cut to your desired length.

HO, HO, HO your Christmas Card in complete!


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