Design Team Inspiration – Christmas Angels

Hello Crafters,

How are you travelling today? I hope you are having a great week!

Today I have 2 gorgeous cards to share with you using some fab Stix2 products – Shiny Transfer Foil Set, Hobby and Craft PVA Glue – Metal Nib, Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter Blue, Double Sided Punch Sheets and Ultra Clear Tape. All of the products except the Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter were new to me so I was super excited to use them! I hope that you will enjoy seeing what I did with these amazing products!

For the first card you will need to gather these supplies:

Stix2 Shiny Transfer Foil Set

Stix2 Hobby and Craft PVA – Metal Nib

Stencil of your choice ( I have used a Kaisercraft one)

Coloured image of your choice

Step 1: Stamp and colour an image of your choice – I have used a La La Land stamp and coloured it with Tria Markers. Using the included metal nib, I filled in the headband and trumpet with the Hobby and Craft PVA Glue. I have never used this glue before and was so so impressed with the metal nib – it allows the tiniest amounts of glue to come out in exactly the right place. I don’t think I could have filled these small areas using any other glue.

Step 2: I then set aside the image to dry – you need to wait until the glue is clear before using the Transfer Foil. While that was drying I started work on the background. I decided to use a stencil to create the background. I positioned the stencil on my cardstock and started tracing the outline and filling in the spaces with the PVA Glue.  I had to work quickly so that I didn’t end up gluing my stencil to the cardstock!

Here is a picture of when I have finished stenciling with the glue. I then set this piece aside to dry and washed my stencil with warm soapy water.

Step 3: When the PVA Glue is dry on all the pieces it is time to use the Transfer Foil. To use, you simply place a sheet on your project where there is glue and lightly rub with your finger. You must place the matt side down on your project. When you peel back the Transfer Foil you will be left with a beautiful shiny surface.

Step 4: I then cut around my image and completed making the card which I will show you at the end!

For the second card you will need to gather:

Stix2 Shiny Transfer Foil Set

Stix2 Hobby and Craft PVA Glue – Metal Nib

Stix2 Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter Blue

Stix2 Double Sided Punch Sheets

Stix2 Ultra Clear Tape

Clouds Template

Step 1: I stamped and coloured my image. I then foiled the headband and part of the harp as described above.

Step 2: I then started on the background of the card.  Using my clouds template I traced two clouds onto a Double Sided Punch Sheet. I cut these out and positioned them on my card. (alternatively you could use a Cloud punch and directly punch the shapes from the Double Sided Punch Sheet)

Step 3: After removing the liner, I poured the blue fine glitter from the Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter Pack over the clouds.

Step 4: After returning the glitter back to the jar, I decided that a gold line would finish off the card. I placed a line of the Ultra Clear Tape on the card. I then placed some Transfer Foil over the Ultra Clear Tape, rubbed it and removed it.

I love how crisp the edges are on the glitter and the foil!  Here is a picture of the finished cards:

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial – it would be great if you could leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts! You can find the Stix2 Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter in store HERE, the Ultra Clear Tape in store HERE, the Double Sided Punch Adhesive Sheets HERE, the Hobby and Craft PVA Glue – Metal Nib HERE and the  Shiny Transfer Foil Set HERE.

Enjoy your week – hope you get crafty!


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