Design Team Inspiration – Quick Card

Hello Crafters,

I am back today with a quick card that I made using some more fantastic Stix2 products!

You will need to gather these supplies:

Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter

Hobby and Craft Dots 3mm

Silicone Adhesive

Butterfly paper of your choice

Craft Knife

Glass Cutting Mat

Step 1: Using my craft knife and glass cutting mat, I cut around the wings of the butterfly leaving the body and head attached to the paper.

Step 2: I then made up the rest of the card. I folded the wings up away from the card base and placed a small amount of silicone under each wing.

Step 3: I randomly placed some 3mm Hobby and Craft Dots around the butterfly and then poured some pink fine glitter over the dots. I rubbed the glitter onto the dots to get a good coverage.

Here is a picture of the finished card – so simple and quick to make!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to give the techniques shown a go!  You can find the Stix2 Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter in store HERE, the Silicone Adhesive HERE and the Hobby and Craft Dots HERE

Enjoy your week – hope you get crafty!


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