Create With Stix2 is derived from our Company, Stix2 Anything Hobby, Craft and Scrapbook Supplies.

We are excited to release our ‘Create With Stix2’ Blog and along the way introduce a new range of Craft Adhesive and Glue based products we are releasing to the Australian market.

The Stix2 range has been specifically designed for the Hobby Crafter, and has been sold in the UK for over 12 years now with great success.

In recent years Stix2 has now expanded it’s activities into Europe, Canada the USA and now Australia.

Our product range predominantly suits the Hobby Crafters, Card Makers, Scrapbookers & Paper Quillers.  Our supplies consist of Micro Dots, Glue Dots, Foam Pads, Tape Runners, Crafting sheets, Mount & Stamp foam, Adhesive tapes, PVA glues, Silicone Glue, Removable photo glue, Photo Mounting, Magnets alongwith other exciting products.

After following our posts and enjoying our projects and galleries you can always skip across to our online store – www.stix2.com.au and quickly pick up the items used in these projects and galleries.


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