Backgrounds and Layering

Hi, Rikki here and I am excited as this is my first post for Stix2 Anything and my first tutorial I have ever done hope you enjoy it.

With the heat over here in the West seeming like it will never end I thought that it would be great to do a layout about Summer, and when I saw the Stix2 A4 Masking sheets I knew what I wanted to do and hoped that it wouldn’t get lost in translation (and you will be pleased to know it didn’t).

For this you will need to decide what your background colours will be I would recommend 2 to 3 colours at the most. Once you have done that, grab your Stix2 non-stick crafting sheet and here we go….

Step 1:

Grab a piece of cardstock and texture paste and apply it all over your cardstock as your working add some texture, for this one as you can see I used a kitchen spatula.

IMG_9307 copy

Once you complete this step set it aside to dry this could take a couple of hours and its best to leave it to dry naturally so the cardstock doesnt buckle. Once it is dry you need to paint the entire background with White Gesso and leave it to dry overnight. While you’re waiting for it to dry grab your Craft sheet and go and give it a  bit of a scrub in the kitchen sink as you will need it for the inking……

Step 2:

For this layout I wanted to make a large Chevron background so grab your masking sheets and measure out your strips ( you will need to divide the 12×12 layout into 2 so you can use the A4 sheets), the gaps are around 5 cm apart and equal. Because the layout has the texture paste you will need to use a scraper or something like that to push the sticky side of the Masking sheet down – pay attention to the edges. Complete your whole page…..

IMG_9392 copy

Now to get the Chevron pattern, I start with a triangle (as seen above), work with any size triangle that you would like as long as the base is longer than the two sides, cut it out and stick it on the page as long as the top tip is in the centre of the page, this is important as it sets the tone of the Chevron pattern……

Step 3:

Lay your masking sheet on the centre line and follow the side of the triangle to get your first strip then measure 5cm along the masking sheet to get your next line and follow that along making sure that the line is perpendicular to the last, once you have completed the whole sheet use your cutter and cut them out…..

IMG_9393 copy

Once you have cut them out stick them on the page missing ever second strip so you have something like this below…..

IMG_9394 copy

Step 4:

Now you have your whole page masked off its time for the fun stuff, for this layout I used Tim Holtz Distress inks Peacock and Salty Ocean. Starting off with Salty ocean work your way around the page where you haven’t masked off, start off light and as you build it up add-on more ink to make it darker. Once you are happy with the blue start adding in the peacock colour doing the same technique by adding in darker patches so you will end up with something like the photo below…..

IMG_9397 copy

Also at this point you can add in some little mists of your favourite brands I used Dylusions mist as it co ordinates with the inks.

Step 5:

So once you have let the ink dry you can remove the Masking sheet ( if you need to do another layout with a similar background pull them off and stick them to back of your craft sheet so they are ready to go). You should end up with like something below……

IMG_9401 copy

Step 6:

Now with your blue ink work over the top of the white chevron pattern making sure you the inking nice and pale……. so you end up with something like this…..

IMG_9403 copy

This is your background completed now we move to the layering part. So grab all your embellishments and pattern papers cut them to the sides you need. The key is to position all your elements and not stick it down.

Step 7:

Once you have you layout take a quick picture with your phone or camera so you remember where to stick everything. The key to layering is figuring out what you what to highlight and use your Stix2 A4 Double Sided Foam mount sheet cut up what you need into strips or like in the stars case I just stuck it on one of the sticky sides and cut around the star.


So once you have figured out all your layers and foam mounted all your embellishments and papers and photo its time to construct…..

Step 8:

For your first layer use the foam mount in strips remembering to add one in middle so as you add the other embellishments it won’t collapse in the middle…. use your Stix 2 Double Sided tape and stick your next layer down.

IMG_9613 copy

To add more height to your photo layer use two layers of the foam mount and you can do that with all the other embellishments like the banner in this layout.

IMG_9616 copy

Using a Quilling tool glue stick or Stix2 Hobby and Craft PVA Glue with a metal nib pen add your twine and all the finer things on your layout.

The Finished Layout:


And for a close up……

removed for publication

Hope this inspires you to get creative with some of the great products from Stix2 Anything…..

A quick shopping list here for you:

Stix2 A4 Masking sheets

Stix2 non-stick crafting sheet

Stix2 A4 Double Sided Foam

Stix 2 Double Sided tape

Stix2 Hobby and Craft PVA Glue


Design Team Inspiration – Silicone Adhesive Christmas Bauble Tutorial

Hello Crafters, I am so happy to be here sharing with you all today! Christmas is not far away and here is an easy decoration you can make! While shopping at my local dollar store I came across a Christmas … Continue reading

Design Team Inspiration – Silicone Adhesive Build-a-flower Tutorial

Hello Crafters,

I am so excited to be here today with my very first post for Stix2! I was so excited and honoured to be chosen for their very first Design Team. I hope that you will follow along with the tutorials that I (and other DT Members) will share every month – I hope to show you some techniques and ideas for making the most out of your Stix2 products.

When I received my first DT Pack I knew immediately that I wanted to show you some really cool flowers that can be made with the Silicone Adhesive and the Non Stick Crafting Sheet,  but before I start with todays tutorial I need to talk with you about my Crafting Sheet. I am so impressed with the quality and thickness of the Non Stick Crafting Sheet – I have had some other sheets and am sad to say they were certainly lacking in quality and just didn’t work as well. When I laid my Crafting Sheet onto my desk I realised that it was a little on the big size not only for my desk but also for the size of the projects I would be completing on it – the desk I work on is purposely quite small – I like to have a neat space and having a small desk helps me keep it so.  With that in mind I decided to cut 3 inches from the longer side leaving me a sheet measuring 15″ X 15″. The piece that I cut off I then cross-cut into 3″ squares which are perfect for small embellishment making and things that need a lot of time to dry. Now I know to some of you that may seem like sacrilege but we must do what works for ourselves!!!

And now for the tutorial…

To start with you will need to gather your supplies:

Stix2 Non Stick Crafting Sheet

Stix2 Silicone Adhesive

1 large and 1 medium flower punch ( I have used EK Success Retro Flowers)

Paper of your choice


Step 1: Lay out your Non Stick Crafting Sheet on your work surface. Using the large punch, punch out 5 or 6 large flower shapes and 1 medium flower shape. Set the medium flower shape aside and cut the large flower punch-outs into single petals.

Step 2: Squeeze some Silicone Adhesive onto your Crafting Sheet in a circular shape about the size of a 10 cent coin (for this project I have chosen to use the Silicone Adhesive without the included nozzle).

Step 3: Place petals in a spiral shape into the Silicone Adhesive – you may like to shape the petals with your fingers before setting in place.

Step 4: Continue adding petals to the flower, shaping as you go, As the silicone will be firm once dried you can add height to the flower knowing it will be held securely in the silicone.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with your flower, take the medium flower punch-out and cut 1 petal from it. Fold the petals of the punch-out together and then position in the centre of the flower – this will hide any silicone which is still visible.

Step 6: Finally roll up one of the remaining petals, add some silicone to the end of it and position in the centre of your flower. The flower is now complete! While the silicone adhesive is still wet you can play with the petals so they will sit where you would like them to. Once you are happy with your flower, set it aside to dry. Depending on the temperature and humidity this could take 2 -6 hours and will be fully cured in 12 hours. In Melbourne on an 18 degree day it took 3 hours to dry.

Once dry you can remove the flower from the crafting sheet and place it on your project. You will notice that there is no residue left on the Crafting Sheet – it really is non stick!!! Here is a photo of my finished card – I think the flower has turned out pretty fab, even if I do so say myself!

I hope you have enjoyed my first tutorial – it would be great if you could leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts! You can find the Stix2 Silicone Adhesive in store HERE and the Non Stick Crafting Sheet in store HERE.

Enjoy your weekend – hope you get crafty!

Unwrapping presents

I’ve been told that I’m just a big kid when it comes to presents, parcels and surprises!  So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to my colleagues that I’m very excited about a BIG parcel that is coming my way on a ship!  Incase you haven’t guessed it – I am eagerly awaiting our NEW PRODUCTS to share with you all.

Our shipment is due just in time for the Melbourne Paperific Fair at the end of this month but don’t despair if you can’t get to the Fair – there is always our website and fast despatch so you too can share my excitement.

I get sooo excited when I’m asked, ‘what NEW products would you like bought in this Month?’  My body just warms with delight at choosing, sampling and road testing new products.

So this month I chose :

Image Non Stick Crafting Mat which is awesome for painting, stamping, embossing and wax projects.  It can withstand high temperatures and wont buckle or soften.  It’s non-pourous so paint wont seep through onto your work surface and if you are glueing or wax modelling you just wait for it to dry and it wipes away or can be collected and reused (wax).  How nifty is that!

ImageCardboard Sheets which are suitable for use with most die cutting machines.  I’ve experimented with my Cuttlebug and Cricut and given the sheets are 6″ wide they fit perfectly and produce ‘chipboard’ embellishments just the size I want.  Just awesome – no need to buy Alphabets and Titles – I can custom make my own and so can you!

Image Seed Bee’d and Fine Glitter are simply gorgeous decorations to have.  They come in 6 colours Pink / Red / Blue / Green / Gold / Silver. You receive a tube each of Small Beads, Fine Seeds & Fine Glitter in your chosen colour.  Now these can be applied to give you a beautiful ‘jewel encrusted’ border on your card or page using the Stix2 Ultra clear tape.  Other ways is simply applying using Stix2 PVA Glue – really the applications and end results are limitless.

Image For a premium PVA Glue this is the one!  It is pH Neutral and has a fine metal nib which makes applying small amounts of glue effortless.  Infact, I’ve never directly squeezed glue onto my work for fear of a big blob squirting out.  However, with this application I am so comfortable and confident that this wont happen that I find myself doing the most intricate outlines and swirls and then glitzing them up.  The pH Neutral PVA is also the recommended PVA for use with the Stix2 Transfer Foils – now they are for another day!

So can you see why I’m so excited???  Not only are we receiving our regular stock updates, we are receiving all these wonderful little darlings.  So if I’ve got your minds racing on what you could create why not hop over right now to and take a peak.

Happy crafting!

Pick Up Pencil

Well I mentioned in a recent post how I had found my love for a new product of ours …. Stix2 Pick Up pencil.  So I thought it might be a good idea to do a little ‘road test’ of this item so you too can find the loooove for this fabo little tool to have in your kit.  Now for me I believe in investing in quality basic essentials so I can produce pieces of work that I’m excited about.  So I have my quality Creative Memories photo cutter, 12″ cutter, my Cuttlebug Die Cutter and my Cricut Create Machine.  All the basics to set me on my way.  Then I have my over flowing pencil case of tools – you know the pencils, white & black gel pens, erasers, ‘cheese’ eraser, pencil blade, small scissors – THEN I have my GEM Tool …. yes a bamboo skewer with blu tac!  Don’t laugh, I’ve seen ‘Gem Setters’ and thought what gimmicks – I can do a ‘budget’ version.  So I have worked for about and year or two with ‘MY’ GEM Tool.  It picked up my bling very easily so all must be good???  However, I would often curse it because I’d still have to fiddle to get the Gem from the Blu Tac onto the glue spot.  Hmmmmm it did get frustrating but not wanting to spending a few $$$$’s I perserveered with my little tool.

This was however, until a few weeks ago when our NEW STOCK arrived and so too this PENCIL – YES a PENCIL.  To us all it looked like a white pencil that hadn’t been sharpened.  How on earth is this ‘Tool’ going to be better than my ‘GEM Tool’ I thought or those already on the market!

Well I sharpened this pencil (not too sharp – it doesn’t need a real point), still puzzled as to how it could work and I started to play with it by adding gems to a cupcake I was adding to a card.  Placing a tiny dob of Stix2 PVA Glue to the spot I then placed the Pick Up Pencil on the gem and WOW it picked it up first go!  I was excited….. I then placed the gem on the glue and gave it a gentle push to help the glue bond and WOW again the gem had released from the pencil.  No need to use fingernails or another releasing tool (like some gemsetter’s require).  It was all so quick and painless.

I had watched our YouTube demonstration ( and heard about the other embellishments the Stix2 Pick Up Pencil could handle (Gems, Rhinestones, Buttons, Pins – anything shiny), but decided to explore a little more.  This was when I created my page ‘…Boogie Babe…’ and found it worked perfectly with sequins.  Even my 9 year old daughter had a go when she was doing some craft projects and found that it easily picked up small pieces of Cardstock she was using in her Punch Art Cards.  WOW –  I always fumble with tweezers – can never squeeze well enough to hold things in place.  But, I don’t think I’ll ever need to worry now I have my Pick Up Pencil.

I’ve replaced my ‘GEM Tool’ with a much more user friendly Pencil!  Why don’t you consider adding this tool to your pencil case?  It’s available from our website for $4.95.